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Kyla Marie Gilmore

Clinical Director & Therapist

Kyla Marie Gilmore


Holding space for others in their time of need is a responsibility I consider sacred. I believe we heal through the conscious, embodied presence of therapeutic relationships. Through this relationship I support my clients as they come into compassionate witnessing of self as they grow and explore. We all deserve someone to walk with us on that journey.

I am both a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois and Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist through the American Dance Therapy Association. Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2005, I have been a in range of clinical settings spanning from outpatient, inpatient, residential, and schools. In my practice at MCW I work with children, adolescents and adults in individual, and family therapy who have a range of clinical needs from mood disorders, to behavioral and relational concerns. With 17 years of clinical experience, I have learned to use my broad professional experiences to bring a compassionate systems lens to my clients and their families—looking at the social, cultural, and systemic factors that impact  mental health.

My supervisory and administrative experience promote healthy teams and providers, which is a vital component of progress in treatment. As Clinical Lead and ad Clinical Supervisor at MCW I seek to assist our team to grow together in service of the community we care for. I am passionate about ongoing professional learning and am an experienced workshop facilitator in topics such as Trauma-Informed Care, Trauma Stewardship, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Well-Being/Self-Care practices, and Dance/Movement Therapy. I believe in compassionate, holistic care that is embodied, culturally-centered and Trauma-Informed which happens through thoughtful collaboration and interdisciplinary care coordination.

Born in Wisconsin, I have found my second home in the Chicagoland area since arriving for graduate school nearly 20 years ago. I am deeply grateful for the extensive personal and professional network I have developed here. And equally grateful for the short distance back home to be with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. My happy place is in nature; walking, gazing, writing poetry about nature and gardening. I am a certified plant parent and call the plants that grace every room in my home “my friends.”

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Safety is not the absence of threat…it is the presence of connection.
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