We believe in therapy because we know it works.

When it comes to behavioral health, there is no one-size-fits-all approach…just the right fit. Care should be intentional, holistic, coordinated, and specific to each individual.

Meet Mosaic Counseling and Wellness.

who we are

We are very excited to establish a new behavioral health private practice which will deliver high quality, community based, services.

With over twenty-five years of experience delivering compassionate mental health care, we will apply our knowledge to create an individualized approach to care. We have established a place of wellness determined to improve both access to, and the experience of, high quality care. At Mosaic we believe that navigating access to mental health should be less overwhelming, more timely and more individual centered. We are here to help.

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Elmhurst, IL

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Oak Park, IL

We are thrilled about our soon-to-be location at 215 Harrison Street in the heart of the Oak Park Arts District (late Spring/early Summer). In the meantime, our team is able to offer our compassionate care at the convenient location of 1010 Lake Street - downtown OP.

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With over twenty five years delivering compassionate mental health care

What our patients say about us

"Oak Park will be lucky to have the type of support Mosaic can provide."

Oak Park will be lucky to have someone of Ms. Carlock’s caliber to guide them without need of a personal connection.

Oak Park, IL

"Mosaic has been a godsend for my family"

We, as parents, are left to rely on each other to help "figure out" access to help our struggling children and the pressures feel enormous. We desperately need more counseling services like Mosaic that treat the whole person, particularly in south Oak Park.

Oak Park, IL

Carlock brought Riveredge back

"Carlock also became a leader in the growing space of mental health advocacy in these villages. The shared message of open talk and compassion rather than silence and denial is reducing the stigma that has long permeated attitudes on mental health."

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