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Sophia Cipriano


Sophia Cipriano


Welcome to Mosaic! My name is Sophia and I am a passionate therapist who comes with an array of expertise and experiences to provide clients with an individualized approach to therapy.

I believe seeking treatment is a courageous first step in the healing process and I aim to engage clients in a space that feels safe and supportive. I recognize that the foundation of therapy is built upon trust and rapport, which I facilitate through a strengths-based, non-judgmental approach. I support clients in identifying their unique strengths that can be utilized in the therapeutic process and encourage clients rights to self-determination. I emphasize the importance of validating and challenging my clients to assist them in reaching their goals.

I am currently accepting clients age ranges from children and adolescents to young adults and adults. I work with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, and trauma.

Telehealth Available

To see my availability and request an appointment, please contact the main office number or use the contact form found on our website
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