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Micah Layman


Micah Layman


Sometimes grappling with life’s most significant questions is a two-person job. Whether you’re seeking therapy for your child or taking that step for yourself, my intention is to create a safe and dependable therapeutic relationship that allows us to mindfully approach life’s complexities. You are unique and inherently valuable, and therapy with me is shaped around that fact.  

With adult clients, I utilize aspects of CBT, psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness to balance deep exploration of the self with the management of specific symptoms. With child clients, I substitute elements of play therapy as needed in order to give therapy the depth that is otherwise inaccessible due to age and/or developmental level. The language of play is as intricate and expressive as any other – it just has fewer rules.  

My treatment experience includes clients with depression, anxiety, identity crises, family separations, and the ripple effects of trauma. Therapy with me works best when the client (or in the case of clients who are children, the parent) is insightful, open to change, and motivated to engage in the process. I have lived in Oak Park for the majority of my life and am excited to work within this community.

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To see my availability and request an appointment, please contact the main office number or use the contact form found on our website
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