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Maryssa DeNardo


Maryssa DeNardo


Have the effects of trauma left you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with day-to-day life at times? Have you tried to work through these issues on your own but, you don't feel any better? You don't have to be alone in your struggles, this is a very common feeling among trauma survivors.  

Therapy is something that was stigmatized in the past but, we are finally raising awareness that struggling with mental health is very common and should be talked about more. Your internal struggles deserve to be addressed and put you on a path towards healing.    

I would like to help you look within, develop as an individual, and work through your pain. I'm here to help, feel free to contact our intake team when you are ready to start this journey together. Everyone's experience with trauma is unique. No matter where you are in your healing process, with my help you no longer have to fight this battle alone.

I graduated with my master's degree from Aurora University specializing in addictions and hospital settings. While in school I completed an internship at Linden Oaks hospital working with adolescents struggling with substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, PTSD/trauma, and other mental health challenges; and another internship at Cornerstone where I connected older adults with mental health services within the community.

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To see my availability and request an appointment, please contact the main office number or use the contact form found on our website
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