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Karina Rodriguez


Karina Rodriguez


Hola, my name is Karina Rodriguez. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), fluent in English and Spanish, with a background of working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families in various situations including inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization, private practice, and DCFS. You are the expert in your own life, and I strive to provide a supportive and safe environment within our therapeutic relationships. I look forward to helping and guiding you in developing new confidence, behaviors, and skills as we work toward achieving your goals. Currently, I have helped start a Virtual Partial Hospitalizations program where I provide group and individual therapy for adolescents struggling with mood disorders or who have severe school refusal due to anxiety.

After our first session, we will establish what your personal goals are as we continue building our therapeutic relationship. You will have a better understanding of who I am as a therapist and will be able to decide if I’m a good fit for you. Following the first session, we will establish a consistent weekly and flexible schedule to facilitate growth. In our sessions, we will reflect on the progress you have made as I continue to support you in your identified goals and needs.

The treatment method I utilize is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy may be used in our work. I use an approach that explores one's thoughts and their relationship to their emotions, believing that our interpretation of events creates our reality and contributes to the development of feelings that cause discomfort and distress. I also seek to work with clients on regulating their emotions and tolerating distress, which often are steps one must take before one can process their emotions using a thought analysis approach. This combination of techniques leads to my ability to assist in managing a wide variety of clinical issues and populations.

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To see my availability and request an appointment, please contact the main office number or use the contact form found on our website
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