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Joan McDonald


Joan McDonald


Choosing therapy is brave, which is why I aim to create a comfortable, supportive space where my clients feel free to express themselves. I partner with my clients and their families to understand their needs and experiences in order to build on their strengths and create goals that facilitate healing, change, and growth.

Before becoming a therapist, I was a high school teacher for 11 years. My background in education allows me to recognize my clients’ experiences, including social issues, technology use, and academic expectations. I am also familiar with academic challenges and offer support with executive functioning skills like organization, time management, prioritization, and goal setting. I believe parents are the agents of change in their children’s lives, which is why I offer guidance and support using communication techniques and mental health education to build a deeper connection with their children.

I became a therapist because I have always been a helper; I find joy and meaning in my own life when connecting with others and offering empathetic support. As a therapist, I am present and collaborative, helping clients navigate life challenges, cultivate personal strengths, and take steps towards achieving the lives they want. I value the therapeutic relationship, and I view myself as an objective and nonjudgmental ally to my clients.

My areas of focus include anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders, ADHD, executive functioning, parent support, grief, life transitions, self-esteem, school stressors, and life transitions. I help clients build effective coping, communication, and executive functioning skills so that they can feel empowered to pursue their goals with clarity and intention. In order to individualize treatment, I employ a variety of approaches, including CBT, DBT, internal family systems/ parts work, insight-oriented therapy, and evidence-based parenting practices. I help clients make short-term goals that pave the path to long term goals.

Clients can expect empathy, understanding, and support as they pursue their therapeutic goals. I offer individualized, trauma-informed care and provide empathetic support throughout the therapeutic process. I collaborate with clients to help them gain personal insight, cultivate strengths, build self-love, and feel empowered to heal and grow.

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To see my availability and request an appointment, please contact the main office number or use the contact form found on our website
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