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Anastasia Knight

Clinical Art Therapy Intern

Anastasia Knight

Pre-Licensed Professional

Hello! I am a masters level clinical art therapy intern receiving my education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a therapist I prioritize honesty, trust, and authenticity. I believe the client is the expert in their own lives, and I will follow your lead to reach your goals. My practice is person-centered, trauma-informed, feminist, queer, and relational. Rooted theoretically in self-psychology I prioritize developing self-advocacy and self-efficacy in my clients. The inclusion of art as therapeutic language opens up doors for myself and my clients to communicate with new intensity. Creating art allows one to express themselves beyond the boundaries of words, allowing color, texture, and movement to bring solid form to the overwhelming or indescribable.

In my own art practice, I work through stream of consciousness, prioritizing the somatic experience of art making to center the nervous system. While my specialties lie in ceramics and poetry, I am a ’jack of all trades’ when it comes to art making; I flourish in mixed media settings, with experience in painting, drawing, printmaking, crocheting and other fabric mediums, collaging, etc… the list goes on. I make ‘ugly art’, which is to say I believe in process over product, reality over aesthetic. I welcome experimentation and mess, in myself and in my clients. Color outside the lines!

Before moving to Chicago for the journey that is graduate school, I received my bachelors degree at New York University in applied psychology. During this time, I engaged in research on the juvenile justice system and advocacy for youth. Professionally I have worked in the community and non-profit sectors with children, teenagers, young adults, and families. What is most important to me in my work is the creation of genuine relationships, and I am truly honored and excited to be a part of your growth and self-determination.

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