Therapy in the New Year

Reflecting Back as we Look Ahead: Considering Therapy in the New Year

With another year closing and 2024 on the horizon, it's common to experience the "emotional whiplash" of reflecting back on an entire year, while we also excitedly look ahead to fresh starts in the new year. For some, the new year offers a clean slate to try new ways of living, and for some the new year can also be a painful reminder of continuing challenges as we attempt personal growth through transition. With the dawn of another year in the quiet cold of winter, we often find ourselves wondering: Am I doing enough? Have I taken on too much? Am I the best version of myself right now? Am I on a path toward success and fulfillment in my life?

Understanding the complexity of all these questions, we at Mosaic have worked to build a network of support for all of our clients via individual therapy, couples therapy, therapy for children and adolescents, virtual therapy, art therapy, dance movement therapy, and psychiatry. We often support our clients across many of these channels of therapeutic support at once for the most holistic mental health care possible. With Chicagoland winters notoriously stretching well into the new year, we'd like to offer the concept of therapy, or psychiatry, (or a combination of) as a major effort in self-care; while many tend to embark on improving physical health in the new year, we know the major importance of improving and maintaining mental health as well. Our trained therapists and prescribers are especially aware and sensitive to how challenging and overwhelming the winter stretch can be, and we at Mosaic have expanded our support for our communities to be able to best serve clients throughout this time of year.

We've expanded our team of therapists greatly in 2023, building from around 35 clinicians to around 55 clinicians, spanning a variety of expertise and therapeutic offerings. An exciting aspect of our growth is evidenced by Mosaic's new offices in Hinsdale and Orland Park, and an expanded office space in our Elmhurst location. We've also added more prescribers to our staff to continue the wraparound care offering of all our clients who are using medication as part of their mental healthcare routine. Our "flagship" office in Oak Park continues to hustle and bustle with new, trained support staff who are committed to our customers' experience from the moment they set foot in the door, and we can't wait to see where else 2024 takes us in our commitment to wellness.

While beginning, or perhaps coming back to therapy can feel overwhelming, it can also be the beginning of finding the best version of ourselves. We hope to see and serve you in the new year.

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