Open letter to Mosaic staff and clientele

Open letter to Mosaic staff and clientele

There is no way to make a perfect statement, and we recognize that no matter how heartfelt our message, there is always additional nuance. We do not stand to claim the opinion of each and every person who comes through our doors, for their jobs or for their care.

Mosaic is honored to open its doors every day to provide honest care to those we serve. We are driven professionally and personally to provide the best quality of care possible, and for this to be true, we cannot distance ourselves from the realities of our world, both near and far. Over the past two months we have borne witness to atrocities committed worldwide. This is not the first time our world has expressed cruelty, and we know it will not be the last. Mosaic stands heartbroken as we witness harm committed abroad and within our own city of Chicago.

In acknowledgement that silence is violence, we support and encourage all individuals to utilize their rights to stand for what they believe in, to champion empathy, and to foster connection. We encourage your attendance at gatherings and protests, we encourage you to use your voice on social media, in your schools and places of employment.

Mosaic roots itself in what it can do for the people who we can reach out and touch – how can we best care for those who we may see at the coffeeshop or the bus stop, as well how we can care for our community at large.  Mosaic will continue to stand in our values of providing the best care possible for our clients, and for this reason we wish to extend our deepest compassion to those struggling at this time.

This is an open letter and therefore an open door. We hope you will trust us to hold anything you bring to our space.

Carey Carlock
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