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I’d like to begin by introducing myself and explaining my “why” for Mosaic Counseling and Wellness. My name is Carey Carlock. I am a therapist and I have worked in inpatient/outpatient behavioral health for 25+ years. I am a passionate mental health advocate and I have served on the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Board for many years. I am an Oak Parker. Because of my career and advocacy work, friends and acquaintances often approach me looking for referrals for a therapist, a psychiatrist, advice on higher levels of care etc. I have aways tried to help. The most important personal description of who I am is that I am a mom. When the time came for me to find a therapist for one of my kids, I (re)discovered many therapists had long waiting lists or didn’t return our calls (what?!). It became even more poignantly clear how desperate the need for quality therapy is within our community.

My experience motivated me to leave my job as a hospital CEO, and then create Mosaic Counseling and Wellness. The goal for Mosaic is simple; integrated and quality mental health services within our community that prioritizes exceptional customer service. When I say integrated, what I mean is psychiatry and therapy within one team as well as creative arts therapy and traditional therapy within one practice. Our opening team currently consists of talented Art Therapists, a Dance/Movement Therapist, BIPOC Clinicians, LGTBQIA informed therapists, and several seasoned, kind, evidence informed talk therapists. We also have a medical professional with tremendous client-side manner. She works with our clinicians, our clients, and their families listening and determining whether medication should be part of the treatment plan and care. Mosaic certainly isn’t the place for everyone, but we will return your call and try to help you and/or loved one navigate an often-overwhelming system.  We can and must do better to support those with the courage to seek care. We believe in treatment because we know it works. We are here to support you.

Carey Carlock
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